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Aquamarine Drift Ice D.O.F. by Moser
Aquamarine Drift Ice D.O.F. by Moser
Aquamarine Drift Ice D.O.F. by Moser

Moser's Aquamarine Drift Ice D.O.F. is a beautiful lead-free glass in a lovely shade of blue. This exciting pattern features sharp edges and cuts that mimic the overlapping sheets of ice known as drift ice. The pattern is created using an offhand cutting process, whereby there is a uniform stopping point on the crystal but the actual placement of the design varies by the cutter. As a result, each cutter leaves behind his own handwriting and the subtle variations render each piece a unique, handcrafted work of art.

Founded in 1857, Moser boasts a long tradition of superior artistic and technical standards in lead-free crystal. The quality of the crystal and perfection of Moser's hand cutting, engraving, gilding and brilliant colors are unsurpassed by any contemporary glass or crystal company in the world. Moser is famous for its technically-perfect crystal production, employing a unique formula for producing a substance as hard as rock and as brilliant as lead crystal - but without using a trace of lead. This composition is very suitable for Moser's marvelous engravings, is ecologically sound and remains free of all concerns associated with lead.

Lead-Free Crystal
Capacity: 12.3 oz
Price: $175.00
Brand: Moser
Item #: DRF-10100-1-AQM



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