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Chilewich Placemats are a collection of woven and non-woven vinyl placemats in three sizes - square, rectangle, and round placemats. Available in modern styles and colors, Chilewich placemats are all made in the USA with the exception of their pressed vinyl placemats (which are made in Taiwan). All of Chilewich placemats are fade resistant and great for outdoor use. Chilewich placemats will eventually fade in direct sunlight. Due to the materials used, Chilewich products are fade resistant and offer years of use before fading.
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Bamboo Oval Placemat by Chilewich Bamboo Placemat Rectangle by Chilewich Bamboo Placemat Round by Chilewich
Bamboo Round Placemat by Chilewich Bamboo Round Placemat by Chilewich Bamboo Square Placemat by Chilewich
Basketweave Rectangle by Chilewich Basketweave Rectangle Placemat by Chilewich Basketweave Round Placemat by Chilewich
Basketweave Square Placemat by Chilewich Beam Placemat Rectangle by Chilewich Bloom Round Placemat by Chilewich
Boucle Rectangle Placemat by Chilewich Chroma Placemat Rectangle by Chilewich Color Tempo Placemat Rectangle by Chilewich
Dahlia Placemat Floral by Chilewich Fade Placemat Rectangle by Chilewich Flora Placemat Rectangle by Chilewich