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Moser's Paula pattern was designed in 1902 and is a stunning product of the Art Nouveau movement.  This collection was originally called "rose because it's unique shape imitates a flower's calyx. The cut stem is six-sided and the bowl has six relief corners. The bowl is decorated with a copper-wheel engraved motif of a rose sprig. Under the rim and on the edge of the foot are gilded engravings of two intertwined stems with thorn and leaves. Very ornate and unique.
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Moser - Paula Bell, 16 cm Moser - Paula Bowl, 12.5 cm Moser - Paula Bowl, 120 ml
Moser - Paula Brandy Glass - 320 ml Moser - Paula Brandy Glass, 320 ml Paula Champagne Flute by Moser
Moser - Paula Champagne Glass - 140 ml Moser - Paula Liqueur Glass, 50 ml Moser - Paula Martini Glass, 140 ml
Moser - Paula Red Wine Glass, 270 ml Moser - Paula Spirit Glass, 70 ml Moser - Paula Tumbler, 370 ml
Moser - Paula Water Glass - 370 ml Moser - Paula Water Glass, 370 ml Moser - Paula Water Jug, 1,500 ml
Paula White Wine by Moser Moser - Paula White Wine Glass, 180 ml