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Room Spray Trudon Candles
Cire Trudon, founded in 1643 by a salesman named Claude Trudon in Paris, is the world's oldest and most prestigous candle manufacturer in the world. Cire Trudon was the official wax provider to King Louis XV and the French court until the end of the monarchy. Today, it offers magnificent scents and the most beautiful packaging.
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Abd El Kader Candle by Trudon Balmoral Classic Candle (9.5oz) by Trudon Ernesto Classic Candle by Trudon
Josephine Classic Candle by Trudon Madeleine Classic Candle (9.5oz) by Trudon Trudon - Positano Candle - Giambattista Valli
Solis Rex Candle by Trudon Spiritus Sancti Candle by Trudon Tuileries Candle - Floral & Fruity Chypre by Trudon
Trudon - Tuileries Diffuser Refill - Floral & Fruity Chypre Trudon - Le Diffuseur Tuileries - Floral & Fruity Chypre