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Reed Diffusers & Home Fragrance

Nothing creates a homey feeling like a welcoming scent. Sallie Home offers a large selection of reed diffusers and fragrances from Antica Farmacista, Nest Fragrance, Agraria, and Thymes. Puruse this section to find the perfect look and scent for your home.
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Trudon - Abd El Kader Diffuser Refill - Moroccan Mint Tea Bamboo Reed Diffuser(5.9 oz) by Nest Fragrances Bitter Orange PetiteEssence Diffuser by Agraria
Cedar Leaf and Lavender Reed Diffuser(5.9 oz) by Nest Fragrances Trudon - Cyrnos Diffuser Refill - Mediterranean Aromas Trudon - Ernesto Diffuser Refill - Leather and Tobacco
Grapefruit Reed Diffuser(5.9 oz) by Nest Fragrances Trudon - Josephine Diffuser Refill - Floral Garden Trudon - L'Oeuf Abd El Kader Diffuser Set - Moroccan Mint Tea
Trudon - L'Oeuf Cyrnos Diffuser Set - Mediterranean Aromas Trudon - L'Oeuf Diffuser Refill Cyrnos - Mediterranean Aromas Trudon - L'Oeuf Ernesto Diffuser Set - Mediterranean Aromas
Lavender & Rosemary PetiteEssence Diffuser by Agraria Trudon - Le Diffuseur Abd El Kader - Moroccan Mint Tea Trudon - Le Diffuseur Cyrnos - Mediterranean Aromas
Trudon - Le Diffuseur Ernesto - Leather and Tobacco Trudon - Le Diffuseur Gabriel - Gourmand Chimney Fire Trudon - Le Diffuseur Josephine - Floral Garden