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Designed by Slovak artist Patrick Illo, the Oeno (eee-no) pattern is named after the Greek goddess of wine who had the ability to turn anything into this highly coveted fermented beverage, a trait no doubt learned from her grandfather, the Greek god of wine Dionysus. Appropriately enough, the study of wine is called oenology but even non-serious students will appreciate the fine lines of this new Moser pattern.
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Oeno Carafe by Moser Moser - Oeno Carafe Small, 25 cm Moser - Oeno Carafe Small, 500 ml
Oeno Carafe by Moser
Price: $190.00
Oeno Champagne Flute  by Moser Moser - Oeno Champagne Glass, 200 ml Moser - Oeno Tumbler, 360 ml
Moser - Oeno Water Glass, 400 ml Moser - Oeno Wine Glass, 350 ml Moser - Oeno Wine Glass, 500 ml
Moser - Oeno Wine Glass, 620 ml Moser - Oeno Wine Glass, 650 ml